For curators, frequent requests and my answers

Request: Please send us your artist statement
Me: I don’t do artist statements.

Request:  Please send us a bio
Me: Bio #1: Susanne Layla Petersen is a digital artist based in Frederiksberg, Denmark.
Bio #2: Susanne Layla Petersen was born on a foreign planet, where she lives and works. When she visits Earth she usually stays in Frederiksberg, Denmark.
She was trained and certified in information technology, design of web sites and GUIs, web graphics and animation, and music. On her home planet there are no art schools. Her works include web projects, poetry, digital images, experimental video and sound. Susanne Layla Petersen’s works have been screened and exhibited in Europe, USA, and Asia.

Request: Interview? Artist talk?
Me: No thanks

Request:  Please send us your portrait photo for the catalogue, website etc.
Me: I’ll send you my avatar image to use, you can also download it here

Request: Zoom, IM, phone?
Me: No

Request:  I read on your website that you do not do artist statements, but maybe you could write something else? We need it for the presentation, the audience expect it.
Me: I do not agree that works of art should come with texts generally. Currently MANIFESTO is the only project that has an introductory text. For other works, if you insist there must be more words than those you might find in the work itself, I suggest you write your own thoughts and interpretations.

Request: Can you approve the text I wrote on your behalf?
Me: You wrote a text on my behalf?!

Request: Can you approve the text I wrote about your work?
Me: No, just make it clear that the text is written by you

Request: Please send us the screening version, stills, and excerpt before our deadline
Me: Of course

Request: Please sign our agreement
Me: Probably yes, I will read it first, so your agreement must be in a language I understand (English or Danish).