List of exhibitions, shows, screenings

Susanne Layla Petersen

2023 (upcoming) Masked, March 15–April 2, CICA Museum, Gimpo, South Korea
2023 (upcoming) Reflections on a Changing Planet, March 4–April 9, LA Artcore, Los Angeles, USA

2022 (upcoming) Athens International Digital Film festival AIDFF, December 8–14, Athens, Greece
2022 (upcoming) Ageing from Existence, projektado collective, London, UK
2022 (upcoming) 60 Seconds or Less Video Festival, December 2, Chestertown, Maryland, USA
2022 One-Off Moving Image Festival 2022, November 11-20, Valencia, Spain, and online
2022 Algorithmic Random Selected AV Exhibition, November 5 and 12, Kulturinsel Stuttgart and BW 12 Diakonissenplatz Bunker, Stuttgart, Germany
2022 #biennale.NO, November 1–December 31, (, nowhere
2022 Korea International Short Film Festival, September, Seoul, Korea
2022 Declare/Decay, launch September 30, XOR Space, VR, online
2022 Reflections on Our Warming Planet, July 16–September 3, Lois Lambert Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, USA
2022/2023 #Post RE:SET@New Future, July 16 2022–January 7 2023, (goes :art, Vienna, Austria), online
2022 Repeating Errors – video art from Denmark & elsewhere, Peace Letters Marathon, July 16 (The New Museum of Networked Art, Germany), online
2022 Tokyo International Monthly Film Festival, June, Tokyo, Japan
2022 Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions, April 18–May 2 and August 1–15, (Pinewood Studios, UK), online
2022 Digital Art, April, ART 321, Casper, WY, USA
2022 Peace Letters to Ukraine, March 6–?, (The New Museum of Networked Art, Germany), online
2022 The Climate Change Memorial 2022, (Alphabet Art Centre, The New Museum of Networked Art, Germany), online
2022 Carbon-Borders-Voices, launch January 24, (UK), online
2022 Memorial To The Future, LA Art Show 2022, January 19–23, LA Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2022 Perspectives 2022, January 5–23, CICA Museum, Gimpo, South Korea

2021 XPRMNTL anti-festival, guerrilla screenings, London, UK
2021 sipvid, December 17–19, (Salzburg, Austria), online
2021 Athens International Digital Film Festival AIDFF, December 9–15, Studio New Star Art Cinema, Athens, Greece
2021 VR Climate Change Memorial, VR, online
2021 Roma Short Film Festival, November 7–17, (Rome, Italy), online
2021/2022 The Wrong Biennale nº5: One-Off Festival 2021, online, public spaces, browser plugin
2021/2022 The Wrong Biennale nº5: _it’s so simple yet nobody does it_, online
2021/2022 The Wrong Biennale nº5: ESSENCE/ABSENCE, online
2021 Bomba Video Club, October 22, Moscow, Russia
2021 Utopaphobia, October 21–November 15, The Green Exchange, Chicago, IL, USA
2021 New York Tri-State International Film Festival, September 17–20, (New York, USA), online
2021 NFTapping, Intervals Festival 2021, August 27–29, The Mayak Building, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
2021 Lift-Off Sessions, July and September, (Pinewood Studios, UK), online
2021 FEX., Cologne, Germany, platform and exhibitions
2021 VIDEOFENSTER, June 22–27, Cologne, Germany
2021 Corona Film Collection 2021, April 1–30, (Alphabet Art Centre, Cinema K, Germany), online
2021 Streetlight, March 8–28, Roman Susan, Chicago, IL, USA
2021 The Wake-Up! Memorial – Corona! Shut Down?, (NewMediaFest2020), online
2021 SPAMM (SuPerArtModernMuseum) Covid 1984, online

2020 Word Revolt VR, November 1–14, (Word Revolt Gallery, Atlantic Beach, FL, USA), VR
2020 SPAMM (SuPerArtModernMuseum) Covid 1984, online
2020 CICA Experimental Film and Video 2020, May 27–June 14, CICA Museum, Gimpo, South Korea
2020 2020 Juried Online Art Show, May 22 – end of 2020, (Anton Art Center, Mount Clemens MI, USA), online
2020 Epidemic – Art in Corona Times, March–May, (60 Seconds Festival, Copenhagen), online
2020 SPAMM – 4BR3 4 tU4 M3NT3, D35con3c+4, March 19–May 16, (Zaratan Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon, Portugal and SPAMM the Super Modern Art Museum), online
2020 FORCES, March 13–19, The Old Biscuit Factory, London, UK
2020 Environmental Crisis, February 13–March 14, Gerald Moore Gallery, London, UK
2020 One-Off Moving Image Festival, February 10–16, (Noemata), Valencia, Spain, Gol, Norway, and online
2020 Contemporary Fine Art, February 7–13, The Old Biscuit Factory, London, UK

2020 In My House, January, a house in Southampton, UK

2019 Simultan Festival XIV, November 8–10, Corneliu Miklosi Museum, Timişoara, Romania
2019 Bridgeport Art Trail, November 7–10, The American Fabrics Building, Bridgeport CT, USA
2019/2020 The Wrong biennale: BIG or BIGGGEST, Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, UNION, Frederiksberg library, Copenhagen, Denmark, and online
2019/2020 The Wrong biennale: EPICENTRE, Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània, Valencia, and 20 other locations in Comunitat Valenciana, Spain
2019 Videos and images in Red Line Art Works Gallery, online

Before 2019
2018 Videos and images in Red Line Art Works Gallery, online
2010 1st International Photo Exhibition, Swayam Art Gallery, Dharan, Nepal