Sites and online projects


MANIFESTO started in 2018 as an online project on the domains,, and, you enter from 
The project is my manifesto. MANIFESTO is work in progress.

Glasslabs blog

Blog with the latest news and information about what I’ve been doing, including posts with new work. Links to most other sites and projects.

Glasslabs dansk blog

Danish language blog. Blog med de seneste nyheder og informationer om hvad jeg har lavet, nye ting postes også der. Links til de fleste andre sites og projekter og der skrives på dansk.

Black Container

New site 2019, for things that do not belong elsewhere.

Glass & Angels project

Online project (2008-2015) where the videos Vision, Empty Space, Ritual, Iblis, Dhikr, To My Angels, Exercise 1a (silence), Exercise 1b, and the image series State of The Heart, Hearts and Glass revisited, and Enough Food for a Week, all belong. 
Designed in Flash, get your player ready and explore the path in Glass & Angels.

There’s a Danish language version of the project at

Pandora’s Box

Retro website with content from 1996-2007. Image series Hearts, Images (Glass), Images II, Prayers, Spirit, Danish poems and Words project. 

English and Danish language version.