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Share, Tag or Dye Again at Lapsus, Timisoara

“Share, Tag or Dye Again” is on the road again, next stop for the analogue(d) social network is Lapsus, Timisoara (Romania). The show is opening at Lapsus June 8, 2023. I am contributing with my Instagram post on “Human III”.

Facebook event:

Share, Tag or Dye Again, Lapsus, Timosoara


Read Marginal’s presentation of “Share, Tag or Dye Again / 2023”

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Honorable Mention titles for Echoes and outside from LA Underground Film Forum 2023

I received Honorable Mention titles for “Echoes” and “outside” from LA Underground Film Forum 2023, Los Angeles

outside Honorable Mention LA Underground Film Forum 2023

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Honorable Mention title for Echoes from Experimental Forum 2023

I received the Honorable Mention title for “Echoes” from Experimental Forum 2023, Los Angeles, the recognition is given “for my vision and the film’s unique contribution to cinema”.

Honorable Mention from Experimental Forum 2023

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International Bad Video Art Festival

International Bad Video Art Festival, Tblisi, Georgia, is screening my video TIME in the 6th edition of the festival, held 12-13 May in Auditoria, Tblisi.

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