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Share, Tag or Dye Again at Lapsus, Timisoara

“Share, Tag or Dye Again” is on the road again, next stop for the analogue(d) social network is Lapsus, Timisoara (Romania). The show is opening at Lapsus June 8, 2023. I am contributing with my Instagram post on “Human III”.

Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/4pxVIG0Ui

Share, Tag or Dye Again, Lapsus, Timosoara


Read Marginal’s presentation of “Share, Tag or Dye Again / 2023”

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Photos from Share, Tag or Dye

Photos from “Share, Tag or Dye”, the exhibition is open March 31 – May 20 at Camera, Str. Albert Einstein nr. 6, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Photos from Facebook Camera

Share, Tag or Dye

I’m glad to participate in “Share, Tag or Dye” with my Instagram post on “Human III”.

“Share, Tag or Dye” is a collective installation where the newest online streams become one united body by means of a nearly 200 years old photographic technique – the cyanotype.

Manned by the Allkimik Photographic Association, from Bucharest, Romania, in partnership with Marginal, Alternative Photography, Experimental Photo Festival, and The Romanian National Institute for Research-Development Textiles and Leather, the first stop for the show is at Camera in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, March 31 – May 20.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/920231525845864

Allkimik Photographic Association on Instagram: @allkimik