Project MANIFESTO restructured

MANIFESTO started in 2018 as an online project on the domains manifesto.black and manifesto.red, later the domains manifesto.glass, manifesto.directory, and manifesto.systems were added as modules in the project, and the domain manifesto.media became the entrance and the frame for the whole structure.

The content I created for the project are mainly videos, but also notes and images have lived there, some left, some still stay.

I recently restructured MANIFESTO on manifesto.media, the other domains may soon belong to someone else. It has been a rule to mention and consider MANIFESTO as a work in progress.

I have also created a video including some of the video content from the project, for organizers who are interested in showing content from MANIFESTO for an audience, away from the project’s original context online.



Visit MANIFESTO at www.manifesto.media


Project MANIFESTO is updated with MANIFESTO | GLASS – III and a list of homeless reflections in manifesto.directory.

MANIFESTO is an online project on several domains, you enter from www.manifesto.media


XPRMNTL anti-festival

XPRMNTL anti-festival has selected some of my works for their upcoming screenings.


  • promote experimental film
  • honour experimental filmmakers
  • exhibit in xprmntl film festival
    • guerrilla screenings
    • unauthorised locations
    • random playlists
    • subversive
  • provide experimental film news
  • progressive, disruptive, productive

There is more information about their activities at https://xprmntlfilm.com/

XPRMNTL status selected

Lift-Off Sessions July 2021

LiftOff Global Network is screening INSOMNIA, TIME, The End of the World as we know it, outside, and videos from MANIFESTO in July’s online sessions. The festival will be live on Vimeo On Demand July 19– August 2 and costs some money to rent. If you rent the collections and like my work, please vote.

Link to Lift-Off Sessions July 2021: https://liftoff.network/lift-off-sessions-july-2021/

You find my films here:
Programme 2 (P2): #76 The End of the World as we know it
Programme 3 (P3): #62 Videos from MANIFESTO (April 2021)
Programme 5 (P5): #11 outside and #13 TIME
Programme 6 (P6): #16 INSOMNIA