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Video from VASTLAB VLX 5 Program #3 at Chicago Filmmakers

Highlights from VASTLAB VLX5 at Chicago Filmmakers February 9 2024, including screening of “Echoes”

LIVEscore with H Anton Riehl
Live Q&A with Amanda VanValkenburg

VLX5 Program #3 – short films by Adam E. Stone, Aitor Irulegi, Alia Alkaff, Amanda VanValkenburg, Ben Spatz, Brian Alexander, Camila Dron, Caroline Rumley, Charles-André Coderre, Charlie Marois, Hodan Youssouf, Ihab Mardini, Josh Weissbach, Lisa Birke, Martin Gerigk, Sarah Lasley, Sharon Liang, Sharon Mooney, Stephanie Barber, Susanne Layla Petersen, Teri Carson, Tommy Becker, Tracy Miller-Robbins, Vasco Diogo, Vincent DeZutti

VASTLAB VLX5 program #3 in Chicago

VASTLAB VLX5 will be in Chicago February 9 2024 with their Program #3 event which includes my work “Echoes”. If you are in Chicago, screenings are held at Chicago Filmmakers’ Firehouse Cinema, tickets are available from Chicago Filmmakers

Facebook event

VASTLAB VLX5 Chicago Filmmakers poster

Video from VASTLAB VLX5 program #1 in Los Angeles

Including livescore of “Business”

VLX5 Program #1 Sat 12/9 lineup

with Threadbare Aristocrats & Pablo Perez scoring
special guest on LYSIS – Alia Hamdon O’Brien

VLX5 Program #1
short films by John Dawson, Susanne Layla Petersen, Hannu Nieminen, Tapio Rissanen, Jullian Young, Paul Echeverria, Mark Cira, Amanda VanValkenburg, KJ Edwards, Sara Suárez, Harrison James Gaushell, Yannick Mosimann, Samer Ghorayeb, Cornelia Pierce, Daniela Huerta, Deb Ethier, Nate Dorr, Louise Bourque, T.J. Blanco, Susanne Layla Petersen, Richard Peter Tuohy, ETA, Shanhuan Manton

TECHNOLOGIA at Gallery Augusta, Suomenlilla, Helsinki

Kino Club will be screening “Business” December 9 at Gallery Augusta, Suomenlilla, Helsinki, Finland, in conjunction with their Expanded Cinema vol. 2 exhibition. The screening program, “TECHNOLOGIA”, will take a look at how our present and future society continues to be shaped by the unpredictable and tumultuous forces of technology.

Facebook event:


#ArtSpeaksOut during COP28

“The End of the World as we know it” is part of #ArtSpeaksOut, a video art festival for our climate. This year’s film program will be screened on IkonoTV and plucTV platforms and, if selected by their partners, on multiple screens in Dubai, UAE, during COP28 November 30 – December 12.

You can watch all the #ArtSpeaksOut CLIMATE films at

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VASTLAB VLX5 Program #1 in Los Angeles

VASTLAB will be screening “Mirage” and “Business” at their VLX5 Program #1 event on December 9 in Los Angeles, CA, “Business” will be livescored by Threadbare Aristocrats and Pablo Perez.

Tickets and schedule out on

VLX5 program 1 poster