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Texts section

I have renamed and restructured the poetry section. The category is now called TEXTS, and in addition to the poems and readings, I added some generated and cut-up texts.


RIOT POEMS is a project where we create new texts and meaning using cut-up technique on texts about protests, the project starts today on Instagram, it’s part of The Wrong new digital art biennale.

Danish poem (på perronens asfalt)

Danish poem (på perronens asfalt)


Poetry video

Danish poem (et nyt netværk)

et nyt netværk danser bag mine øjenlåg
lysende rødt og skarpt kantet

Poetry readings on SoundCloud

There are now readings of some of my Danish poems on SoundCloud

Poems in the Danish literary magazine Slagtryk

The Danish literary magazine Slagtryk is publishing two of my poems today