Environmental Crisis exhibition at Gerald Moore Gallery

Gerald Moore Gallery, London, has a new exhibition “Environmental Crisis”, where I am participating with video work. The exhibition is open 13 February – 14 March, come by if you can.

In My House

This week I am taking over a house in Southampton, UK, with a solo exhibition in a domestic setting. The exhibition, “In My House”, is showing images and videos from “The End of the World as we know it” on TVs, monitors, and as projections in the inhabited space.


RIOT POEMS is a project where we create new texts and meaning using cut-up technique on texts about protests, the project starts today on Instagram, it’s part of The Wrong new digital art biennale.

Hardware failure on the server where my sites and mail are hosted

Due to hardware failure on the server where my sites,,,, project MANIFESTO etc. are hosted, InMotionHosting will move me to a new server.

The move starts 5. Dec. and may last up to 72 hours, where there can be some instability, where mail and sites don’t work as they should – please try again if you are not getting a reply from me.


New video from project MANIFESTO

Video screenings at Bridgeport Art Trail

Synchronicity will be screened at Bridgeport Art Trail, Bridgeport CT, USA, 9.-10. November. The screenings are held at The American Fabrics Building 10am to 5pm.

Simultan Festival XIV

I’m happy to be part of Simultan XIV, my video project “The End of the World as we know it” will be screened in the video section of the festival.

The Simultan Festival is an annual festival dedicated to media art and artistic experiment, in 2019 it carries the theme “There will be a time when it will not be“. Simultan XIV happens 8th—10th November 2019, at the Corneliu Miklosi Museum in Timișoara, Romania.

BIG or BIGGGEST video screenings

The program for BIG or BIGGGEST video projections in Copenhagen is now ready.

My works will be screened every evening in November from 17:00-00:00 at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art and UNION – come by, it’s free.

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