ageing from existence is online

ageing from existence / issue 2: survival and design, by projektado collective, is now online at

“ageing from existence” is a collaborative storytelling project bringing together the works of 21 artists, activists, and collectives under 4 interactive audiovisual pieces. I contributed 3 videos from my collection “Found fragments” to the project.

6th FilmArte Festival in Berlin

“Echoes” is selected for the autumn edition of the 6th FilmArte Festival in Berlin, in the category Experimental – Arthouse. Screening takes place in October in Berlin.

Human V


The Climate Art Collection

“The End of the World as we know it” is now part of the Climate Art Collection, a Berlin based association that publishes and curates climate and nature related artworks.

Contact email

I am moving to a new hosting solution for my contact email, if you send mail and do not receive a reply from me when expected, please try again.