Author: Susanne Layla Petersen

Self As A Service [SAAS] is open

Self As A Service [SAAS] is now open, visit the XOR pavilion at The Wrong Biennale or go directly to the Self As A Service [SAAS] VR exhibition and movie screening

The project is open during The Wrong Biennale November 1, 2023 – March 1, 2024 and includes my work “untitled”

SAAS screenshot

Self As A Service screenshot

Photo from Open Video XVI

“Mirage” screening at Open Video XVI, Kunstrum Fyn

Mirage screening Open Video XVI

Photo credit @annaseebergbraun

Black Container is closing

The Black Container website is closing as there is no need for it anymore, if you came here looking for, welcome to

Open Video XVI, Kunstrum Fyn

Kunstrum Fyn, Tårup, Denmark, will be screening “Mirage” at Open Video XVI October 27–29, the exhibition includes contributions from 128 Norway- and Denmark-based artists.

Facebook event:

Kunstrum Fyn Open Video XVI

Kunstrum Fyn Open Video XVI artists

Self As A Service [SAAS], XOR Space

I am thrilled to have my work “untitled” selected for XOR Space’s upcoming project “Self As A Service [SAAS]”, the exhibition consists of a VR experience and a screening program which will be broadcasted on The Wrong Television and

The exhibition will launch November 1, check and join their newsletter and discord channel for more info.

“Self As A Service [SAAS]” is part of The Wrong Biennale which takes place November 1, 2023 – March 1, 2024

SAAS artists

Project MANIFESTO restructured

MANIFESTO started in 2018 as an online project on the domains and, later the domains,, and were added as modules in the project, and the domain became the entrance and the frame for the whole structure.

The content I created for the project are mainly videos, but also notes, images, and web page experiments have lived there, some left again, some still stay.

I recently restructured MANIFESTO on, the other domains may soon belong to someone else. It has been a rule to mention and consider MANIFESTO as a work in progress.

I have also created a video including all current video content from the project, for organizers who are interested in showing content from MANIFESTO for an audience, away from the project’s original context online.